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We have added the steam heat exchanger to our loop. The mathematical modelling for the choke on the heat exchanger and it’s interaction with the existing flow-pressure-temperature model created several instability issues with our loop calculations, which have finally been fixed. In addition, we are including a few other features in the next update to […]

Defining fidelity in Simulators A major concern in planning a simulator for training is whether to go all-out and implement custom hardware, making the simulator as close a copy of the machinery being simulated as possible, or to create a lightweight representation that has functional equivalents for major systems, saving on cost what you lose […]

Skill acquisition in children is achieved through repetition. In order to motivate such repetition, while maximizing the number of new situations that child encounters, juvenile mammals have evolved the concept of “play”. Despite our natural tendency to pick up skills via play – which is arguably little more than abstracting real life situations, simulating them, […]