Product – Well Test Simulator: Wireline

The Wireline Simulator will be released during 2016. Following features are currently planned. If you have any new ideas please visit the forums and share them.
Features Include:  
  • ¬†Prepare tools in the shop. Take various wireline tools apart and put them together correctly from parts
  • Select the correct tools and string configuration for various jobs
  • Drive your truck down the road to the location
  • Setup the lubricator, and run the tools
  • Get data back as you run the string – with full control and panel feedback while sitting in your truck
  • Troubleshoot events (stuck string, etc.)
As with the Surface Testing Simulator, all user actions will be logged, and the environments will be realistically recreated in 3D.
This location will hold features and documentation for the Wireline Simulator as the project takes shape.
Examples of assets and work in progress:
Wireline Truck Model Back Reduced Render
Model of wireline truck
Wireline Truck Model Detail1 Render Reduced3D Model showing the level of detail we will be aiming for
Wireline Truck Model Detail2 Render ReducedInside the truck. All controls will affect the operations, and displays will show realistic feedback.
If you have any questions about the project, ask them on the forums, or contact us using the contact form.