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We have added the steam heat exchanger to our loop. The mathematical modelling for the choke on the heat exchanger and it’s interaction with the existing flow-pressure-temperature model created several instability issues with our loop calculations, which have finally been fixed.

Heater/Steam Exchanger

Heater/Steam Exchanger

In addition, we are including a few other features in the next update to be released soon:

  • Updated Temperature model to better represent temperature changes through the loop
  • Fault feedback – explosions and leaks on over-pressured pipes.
  • Updated the project to Unity 5, which will allow us to improve our workflows, improve graphics and workflows and bring future updates to you faster

We are also working on a “Training Engine” which will allow us to gear the simulator towards training applications. The Engine will define tasks for the user, monitor the user as they perform these task. The engine gives feedback and checks timing and correct sequencing of user actions along the way, and calculates scores which are uploaded to a web-accessible database. The training engine is a complex piece of software and the integration and developing the correct rules for it might take some time, but many of you have asked for the feature, and we are happy to develop it, though the release will not be available until later this year.

To thank you for your patience, for the next month, or until the next update is released, we are reducing the price of the software to only 33 $US.



Hydrate Formation is a big pain – and especially misleading for new hands! They form sneakily, and can seriously mess up your data, especially on gas wells. The Well Test Simulator, has so far not had any simulation for hydrates formation, and gas condensation – those require a lot of empirical data to get right – but there is good news: we are working on getting the mathematics to work, and in the next update (released in early February 2015) we will roll out the new additions. Of course, simulating hydrates would be meaningless if we didn’t have ways to prevent them, and that’s where this bad boy comes in:


Well test Simulator - Oilfield Simulator - steam exchanger Blue-smallAs you can see the model is pretty far along. Other additions for the February update include:

  • Chemical Injection Pump
  • Wiggling chokes (to release some hydrates)
  • Death (if your health gets too low due to heat radiation, or H2S)

Please comment below and let me know what updates you would like next. Also, Thanks to the (so far) 121 people who purchased the Well Test Simulator, and a happy 2015 to all!

After two phases of Beta testing, we are all set to bring the Well Test Simulator: Surface Testing software to you in December 2014. We are currently working on setting up and testing sales on Please sign up and visit often to keep informed – Update: You can now purchase the simulator on the store page and we are offering an 80% discount up to the 10th of January 2015!