Addocera offers realistic 3D simulations and visualizations for training, monitoring and entertainment. Our simulators don’t require specialized hardware or installations. They run on an average laptop or PC and allow for low-cost, efficient and on-the-go training for technicians and engineers.

Realistic 3D and Virtual environments allow new hires and trainees to get acquainted with the location and operation of tools and machinery until they understand the risks of the workplace. This reduces HSE events, and minimizes costs associated with the inexpertly use of equipment.

Besides safety and best-practice training, our Well Test Simulator features a mathematical model that runs behind the scenes and ensures that all the gauges, pressures and flow rates correctly respond to the input and manipulations of the user. All activities and pressures are logged and allow for later review by instructors. This allows trainees to get acquainted with the actual workflow pitfalls of an actual well-test and promotes a better understanding of the physics involved, and increases test data quality.